Tips to make your olive oil go beyond the kitchen

Olive oil is one of the most universal oils for cooking, dipping, and dressing our foods. All over the world olive oil is heavily used in the kitchen, some cultures even swear by it. But this oils many uses go beyond the kitchen. Olive oil is also widely used cosmetically around the world. In Italy and Greece especially, where olive oil is widely produced and heavily used, the women also use it to keep glowing skin and shining hair. Olive oil is extremely moisturizing and has anti-aging antioxidants. Here are some of the ways you can use olive oil outside of your kitchen.



Olive oil is one of the best deep conditioning masks your hair could ask for. It moisturizes and repairs damaged hair to offer a shiny, healthy glow. Apply olive oil either a few hours before you shower, leave it on and then shampoo thoroughly, or apply all over the hair evenly after a shower and leave it on overnight. In the morning, shampoo thoroughly to reveal healthy and shiny hair. You can even combine olive oil with coconut or castor oil and do the same thing a few times a week for your strongest, healthiest hair naturally.



Olive oil can be extremely hydrating and healing to both your body and your face. It can be used alone as a moisturizer applied to either your face or body after exfoliating and cleansing. It is best applied at night because of the oily residue it can leave on the skin, but it will leave it feeling supple, soft, and with an incredible glow. For an amazing face and body scrub, combine one-part sugar and one-part honey to two parts of olive oil. It can be used during the shower or on clean dry skin. Rinse and pat dry for smooth, flawless skin. Adding granulated sugar to olive oil can also make a great lip scrub. Mix the two until the consistency is paste like. Rub on clean dry lips and then rinse. Apply chap stick of your choice.



Naturally occurring oils are miracle workers when it comes to manicures. Apply olive oil to the nail and nail bed to soften the cuticle before trimming and pushing it back. It will soften the cuticle and skin while strengthening the nail. It’s a hydrating, chemical and additive free, and nourishing way to pamper your hands.






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